General Info & Instructions

For Our Patients

Please take some time to read through these general facts and instructions to get a better idea of how we operate here at Madison Radiology, P.C.

How do I schedule an appointment?

You may schedule an appointment after you have been seen by your primary care physician. We are not a walk-in clinic; therefore, we cannot perform tests without a referral or prescription from a physician. A routine annual mammography can be scheduled but can not be performed without a physician's recommendation.

To schedule an appointment, please call our office. Our receptionist will direct your call to the appropriate medical secretary who will assist you. When you schedule your appointment, please notify our staff regarding any difficulties with mobility (wheelchair, stretcher, etc.) so that we may assist you upon your arrival.

One day prior to your examination your appointment will be confirmed by one of our secretaries. At that time, they will review with you any preparations that need to be made. Monday appointments will be confirmed the previous Friday.
What should I bring to my appointment?

Please bring a valid health insurance card. Further information regarding payments, billing, and insurance can be found in this website.

If your physician gave you a written requisition form or prescription for your examination, please bring it with you. This form tells us what type of examination is being requested and may provide us with other necessary information for your examination.

Please try not to bring small children who need supervision to your appointment. It is not possible for them to accompany you in the examination room during your procedure. Thank you.
How long will my appointment take?

The examinations may take from 15 minutes to 1 hour, depending upon the procedure being performed. Every effort is made to respect your schedule; however, at times there may be delays due to emergencies. If you are late for your appointment or have not followed the preparation instructions, your examination may have to be rescheduled.
How are the results of my examination obtained?

Following your examination, our radiologist will study the results and write a report. All examinations performed at Madison Radiology are dictated, transcribed and typed on the premises by an employee of our practice. On-site transcription allows the reports to be formulated sooner, giving referring physicians easier access to examination results. Reports are usually generated within 24 hours of examinations and are mailed to your referring physician. If your physician requests, we will telephone or fax your examination results. You should contact your referring physician to obtain your examination results.
May I take my examination films to other physicians?

You may sign out your films for consultation with other physicians. Please call our office 48 hours in advance, and we will have them ready for you to pick up. When you call, please be prepared to tell us the name of the physician you will be taking them to. You will be given your original films, and it is your responsibility to see that they are returned to us. Copies of your films may be purchased at a cost of $10.00 per page
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